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Employment Law Basics for Managers

This web-based workshop was designed to assist managers in their day-to-day administration of troublesome personnel issues with the objective of minimizing the increasing risks of employment law litigation. This video addresses this confusing area of the law in a practical, easily understood way. It presents the essentials of constructive and effective employee documentation and discipline, and also undertakes a practical review of how managers can take a proactive approach in assisting their organizations’ response to an increasingly litigious work force. It both “demystifies” key employment law concepts and provides an important working knowledge of the basic legal framework encompassing work force management.

Managing in the Unionized Environment Deskbook (2016)

This Deskbook is designed to assist frontline managers in their day-to-day supervision of bargaining unit personnel. It begins by providing an understanding of the legal significance of the concept of "supervision" under the National Labor Relations Act and works through how this concept is applied in the workplace.

Exit Interview

This checklist guides you through the process of interviewing an employee that has decided to leave your organization.  Obtaining honest and candid information on the reasons why -- and taking appropriate action to correct any problems discovered -- can lead to greater employee retention and satisfaction.

Employee Warning Notice Report

One key to protecting any organization from employment law claims is proper and complete documentation of all employee misconduct.  This form provides an efficient means for recording this important information.

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