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Customizable Employee Handbooks and Personnel Policies
Sound employment practice decisions evolve from the development and maintenance of a personnel policy structure appropriate to each individual business or corporate need. Managerial procedure manuals, employee handbooks, personnel form management, and a well thought-out process of employment-related decision-making are essential in today's complex work environment.

Depending on specific client objectives, we conduct in-depth employment practice audits, facilitate the development of procedure manuals and employee handbooks, and offer our clients the benefit of our experience in developing successful methods of enhanced human resource administration. This pro-active approach has demonstrated the ability to minimize liability arising from potential legal conflicts in the areas of state and federal wage and hour laws, employee discipline, affirmative action and equal employment opportunity law, state and federal safety and health law, employee benefit plan administration, Workers' Compensation and Unemployment Insurance law issues, and related matters.

The following is a sample list of the personnel policies that we recommend that most clients include in their employee handbooks.  These policies (drafted by Delacroix) as well as other regularly-added and updated policies are made available exclusively to Delacroix clients in our subscription library.  Need further information?  Contact us here.

Introductory Policies
Nature of Employment (At-Will Status of Employees)
Equal Employment Opportunity (Anti-Discrimination)
No Harassment
Basic Policies
Orientation Period
Employment Categories
Work Time Recording
Hours of Work and Overtime
Meal Periods and Work Breaks
Pay Periods
Salary and Wage Increases
Benefits Of Employment Policies
Mandated Benefits
Family and Medical Leave
Bereavement Leave
Jury Duty
Military Leave
Leaves of Absence
Important Policies, Procedures, and Responsibilities
Performance Standards
Substance Abuse
Job Performance Reviews
Attendance Guidelines
Standards of Appearance and Dress Code
Promotion, Advancement and Department Transfer
Code of Business Ethics
General Policies
Health and Safety
Life-Threatening Illnesses in the Workplace
Prohibition of Violence in the Workplace
Solicitation and Distribution Rule
Use of Computers, Voice Mail, And Electronic Mail Systems
Employee Records
Outside Employment
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