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Supervisors Guide to Unionization

This Deskbook addresses the complex subject of National Labor Relations Board union representation proceedings head on.  It both "demystifies" the process for the front-line supervisor, and provides an important working knowledge of the basic legal framework encompassing such matters.  Further information on this topic can be found in our video "Supervisor's Guide to Unionization".

Workplace Harassment Deskbook – Federal Law

This Deskbook addresses the complex and seemingly ever-changing subject of workplace harassment. It provides employers and their supervisors with a practical explanation of prohibited conduct, how to investigate claims and how to respond if harassment occurs.

Business Woman Multitasking

Employee Appraisal & Development Standard Operating Procedure

Appraisal and Development Systems should not be static, “paperwork” programs. Ideally, it is a system based on the recognition that every employee, supervisor, manager, and top level executive will benefit from an ongoing, open system of communication with regard to job-related performance issues.  The Standard Operating Procedure can walk you through implementing such a system. It should be used in conjunction with our "Employee Appraisal Form", "Sales Employee Appraisal Form"  and "Manager Appraisal Form".
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